8 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

If Valentine’s Day is about celebrating the people and things you love, then it’s fair to say everyone has a valentine. Here are 8 unconventional Valentine’s Day date ideas for your 8 unconventional valentines. 

Date with your dog: Return the unconditional love with some quality time and unbound freedom. Head to the local off-leash park, beach, or trail and run wild – both of you. Cap it off with burritos and a solid snuggle.

Date with Mother Earth: Unplug and spend some quality time reconnecting with nature. Feel the ground, listen to the birds, figure out the time by looking at the sun, stick your feet in a freezing puddle… Bonus points if you bring your actual mother to crash this date. 

Date with your local businesses: You know what they say­ – good neighbors make good lovers! Show some love to local businesses and go support them. It’s hard out there for a donut shop… mmm donuts…

Date with yourself: Do. What. You. Love. Take 2 hours and commit them to unabridged happiness. Here’s what makes us happy if you need a jumpstart: the perfect grilled cheese, riding bikes, epic thrift store finds, making things, planning trips, hot springs, and whiskey sours.

Date with your work wife/husband: Bring in a thermos of good coffee (crucial element!) and take the first 10 mins of the work day to let your better (work) half know how much you appreciate them. Kudos if you know how they take their coffee.

Date with destiny: Take one step toward doing that one thing you’ve allllways wanted to do. Research grad schools, book a flight to Tanzania, start writing that book (seriously, you can do it), take the next level yoga class… the future is yours, grasshopper.

Date with your BFF: Think back on how you met your best friend and re-create your “first date.” Friends since childhood? Make a fort in the living room and eat cheese-puffs for dinner. Friends from college? Go with the aforementioned fort, regardless.

Date with your sweetie(s): Even if it is a Hallmark holiday, it’s nice to appreciate the people in your life who make you feel special year round. Whether it’s your kids, your cats, the love of your life or Beyonce, the best dates are spent in time, not money. Challenge yourself to not spend a dime and see what you come up with. Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!

Spread the Love

With many embracing it, some downright denouncing it, and others indifferent, the only thing we know for sure is Valentine’s Day is approaching at a rapid pace. It happens every year. You look up from Christmas and New Years, ready to catch your breath and BAM! Valentine’s day hits you with a frantic mid-week dinner reservation and a hefty expedited flower delivery receipt. We say it’s time to reset the dial on all Valentine’s days expectations, and focus on what’s really important: spreading the love!


What says I love you more than a Valentine’s Day card made from re-purposed desk supplies? We searched high and low in our office for the most card worthy desk decorators, and spruced up some old resume paper to look like the real deal. And although these Valentines turned out pretty darn well if we do say so, we did our best to drive home our true take on the day: it’s a lot more about the love you are spreading than the cards you are giving.

So this Valentine’s day, take it upon yourself to spread the love. Whether it’s making a slightly blue coworker smile, or just letting that fellow motorist merge in front of you versus the old box out, embrace the spirit of Valentine’s Day by spreading love to everyone, regardless of relationship status. And don’t forget, true love can just as easily be relayed through sticky-note hearts and a half drank bottle of tequila.


Spreading the love comes in many shapes and sizes. Recently, our little community on the central coast of California was struck by not one, but two, natural disasters. Although the disasters are over and the news trucks are gone, there are many people who could still use your help. If you’d like to spread your love to the people of Montecito, please donate to this link to help out a community facing a long road to recovery.