Travel Packing Tips and Tricks

If you’ve been following along with our Save the Planet, Wear Sustainable tour, you know all about our buddy Drew (AKA Dr. Drew) – Toad Customer Service Sorcerer, and leader of our first leg of the tour. Fresh off the road, we couldn’t think of a better expert on summer packing. So our Superstar Web Merchant Lindsay sat down with Drew on our most recent episode of Toad Hacks (check out today’s Insta Story to see their chat IRL) to talk packing tips. Here are the highlights, plus some bonus tips ’cause we love ya.

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There are a couple of things Drew suggests you do before you head out to keep it simple and keep it sustainable once you Bon Voyage.

  • •Pre-trip recycling – If I buy something before a trip that comes in a wrapper or box (like a new phone charger or stick of deodorant), I make sure to recycle the packaging before I head out. Not everywhere has a streamlined recycling system, and this guarantees it makes it in the bin.
  • •Unplug before you…unplug – Before I leave for an epic adventure or a little R&R, I unplug the electronics in my house. It helps with my electricity bill and cuts down on energy usage, because did you know that electronics can steal power even when they’re turned off? Those sneaky little things…


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Check it once, check it twice. Drew never hits the road without these essentials.

  • •Headlamp – It’s second nature to remember socks and underwear, but you never know when an extra light will come in handy.
  • •Power converters – It’s so easy to forget that you might need adapters depending on where you’re traveling. I keep these close to my passport to remind me when I pack.
  • •Layer it up – When it comes to clothes, it’s all about finding the right layers to get you through any situation. Plus, choose versatile options that work as well hiking and exploring as they will going out to dinner.
  • •Shoe bags – Bring shoe bags (or better yet, recycled shopping bags) to keep clothes from mingling with dirty soles.
  • •Stay organized – I don’t go anywhere these days without these packing cubes (genius invention). They’re great for separating groups of clothes when packing, but I appreciate them most when they double as dirty clothes hampers to keep the stinky clothes from going AWOL all over my good ones. Plus, the 3 cubes weigh less than 2.2 oz total, so no stress about packing extra weight.



As a master of eco-conscious living, Drew always keeps these tips in mind.

  • •Utensils – Nothing bums me out more than a bunch of single-use plastic. At the minimum, I keep a spork on hand but when I’m feeling extra I’ll travel with my whole utensil set.
  • •Water bottle and beer mug/coffee cup – I’m a thirsty guy, but I’m not going to sacrifice the planet to wet my whistle. A reusable water bottle’s a must, and my beer mug easily doubles as a coffee cup.
  • •Pack light – Not only will your back thank you from saving it from major suitcase schlepping, but going easy on your bag weight is way better for the environment. The more weight a plane (or a train, or a car) carries, the more fuel it uses, so keep that bag lean.


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We asked Drew and Lindsay to share which Toad pieces are on their summer packing lists.

  • •Drew – I lived in the Rover Short while I was on the road. I love these shorts because they clean up well, but they’re also super durable, quick-drying, and retain their shape.
  • •Lindsay – I love the Liv Dress for travel. You can take it from a hike to dinner super easily, plus it won’t wrinkle, no matter how rumpled your packing gets. Plus, it’s quick-drying, AND has pockets, so it really has everything you need for any sort of adventure.


For more hacks from the man, the myth, the doctor, check out Drew’s tips for car camping.


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It looks like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting – white steeples peak from yellow leaves, covered bridges dot the highway, brick buildings house generations-old restaurants… Yep, Burlington, VT is about as picture perfect as it sounds, and one of our favorite places to experience the change in seasons. One of America’s colonial gems, Burlington has a lot to offer the modern traveler.

Sheer beauty is always in abundance in Burlington, but we happen to love the way the fall colors pop against old brick buildings. Throw on your walking shoes and spend a day wandering the streets of Burlington in all it’s Fall glory. Grab coffee amongst the co-eds at the University of Vermont, peruse the local shops on Church Street Marketplace, and watch the sun go down over Lake Champlain. On day two, get outta dodge and take the scenic route. Take Interstate 89 out of Burlington and head towards Stowe (where you can hit up the Cabot Creamery, Ben and Jerry’s AND an apple cider donut shop all in within a mile) to drive up to Mt. Mansfield. The 89 is a gorgeous (albeit slightly windy) road with rock outcroppings on either side, perfect for hiking or rock climbing if you’re feeling adventurous.  Pop into the roadside towns to stretch your legs and take the 10 minute detour to Stowe for a cup of killer Chai from Black Cap Coffee. If you’re feeling up to a 5 mile round trip hike to the peak of Mount Mansfield you’ll be treated to stunning views of Canada from Vermont’s highest point (4,393ft). For an alternate route back to Burlington, take the Vermont 108 to Cambridge then the Interstate 15 through Jericho. Nothing says fall like a scenic drive.

Like the great Vermont woods, the culinary scene in Burlington is definitely something to write home about. With a focus on fair trade, organic and locally sustained products, Vermonters pride themselves on serving up the freshest seasonal ingredients. And in a state with more breweries per capita than any other state in the country, you really can’t go wrong. On the outskirts of town is Switchback Brewing Co. – stop off for a great free tour of the brewing facilities and a $4 tasting flight (and maybe take a growler to go for later adventures). If you’re downtown, stop into one of New England’s best cider houses, Citizen Cider. 100% locally sourced apples and 100% cider on tap. We like the classic Citizen Dry, but with a name like Brosé, it’s hard to pass up the blueberry cider. Need something to soak it all up? American Flatbread Burlington Hearth dishes out “pizza with integrity.” Go for the classic Punctuated Equilibrium (hello handmade Vermont goat cheese), or try one of the seasonal specialties like the Pork Belly or Squash and Apple Hash flatbreads. And, of course, grab a pint of their homemade Zero Gravity beer. This is Vermont, after all.

With so much to do in a weekend, don’t spend time worrying about your wardrobe. For a quick getaway in Burlington, the gals are packing the Nightwatch Cape – our recycled wool blend keeps you warm (and itch-free!) all day long. If you’re looking for a versatile skirt, look no further than the Diamond Sweater Skirt. Great over leggings and boots or dressed up for a night on the town, this skirt is our go-to until it’s sundress season again. For the guys, we think the Emmett Crewneck Sweater will be the perfect layer for any inclement fall weather. Made of 100% organic cotton, the Emmett is cozy as an outer layer but lightweight enough to toss on under a jacket. And if you need some extra pockets, layer it up with the Sidecar Vest – our recycled Italian wool wonder vest that looks smart and keeps all the essentials (keys, camera, bottle opener) close at hand. Enjoy the changing leaves and don’t forget to send a postcard!