How to Fix Your Clothes

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: clothes don’t belong in landfills. Wear it out, or pass it on. We’re big fans of using what you’ve got and mending your clothes when they’re a little worse for the wear.

A good rule of  thumb is to buy durable, well crafted clothes that won’t fall apart after a few wears and washings. Next, follow the wash instructions – most things last longer when washed in cold water and air dried. When you come across something that needs mending or altering, roll up your sleeves and get to work. Here’s how to fix your clothes, so no excuses! 

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How to Mend a Seam

How to Fix a Broken Zipper

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The Story of a Renewed Shirt

Dear Toad&Co, 

I can’t thank you enough. When one of my seams ripped apart in a pogo-stick accident, I thought my days were numbered. I’d had a good life until then – I was born on an organic cotton farm, raised on rainwater and non-synthetic fertilizers, was spun and sewn in a responsible facility, got a fancy non-toxic certification from OEKO-TEX, met my best friend in a small outdoor shop, and spent many years exploring and traveling the world – but I was heart broken to think that I was doomed for the bottom of the landfill. 

But you saved me. 

Instead of being hauled off to the dump, I was sent to Oregon to make the acquaintances of the Renewal Workshop. WOW, what a place! Everywhere there were machines whizzing and buzzing and there were thousands of garments just like me – slightly damaged, excess and returned clothing that had no place in the landfills. Was this heaven? 

My first day there I took a dip in their Tersus washing machine, a state-of-the-art machine that uses CO2 to get deep into the fibers of a garment; there’s no water wasted and all byproducts are captured and reused. 

Next I was off to the seamstresses for new seams, reinforced buttons (just for good measure) and a fancy new label that says “Renewed Toad&Co.” Then I had my first photoshoot, became an internet sensation, and was shipped off to meet my NEW owner.  

Today, I’m the same great flannel I’ve always been but with a renewed sense of purpose: to help change the apparel industry from a linear one to a circular one. I’ve never felt better! 

In gratitude, 

The Renewed Flannel Shirt 

PS – Get your own Men’s Renewed Toad&Co and Women’s Renewed Toad&Co. Then give yourself a high five for leaving a lighter footprint on the planet! 

Konmari Your Closet

Our hangtags say it all: “Wear it out, or pass it on.” So if your old Toad isn’t sparking joy anymore, thank it for the adventures and pass it on to our partners at The Renewal Workshop. The Renewal Workshop does 4 awesome things: repairs unwanted clothing for resale, recycles old fabrics into new ones, re-uses all hardware (buttons, zippers, snaps, etc), and re-purposes fabrics that cannot be shredded by turning them into useful bags, rags, towels, etc. All in the name of keeping things out of the landfills and back into circulation! We haven’t heard specifically, but we’re pretty sure Marie Kondo approves. 

Here’s how you do it:

1. Take out all your clothes (yes, all) and assess if they spark joy or not. Keep the “heck ya!” pile.

2. For the “not anymore” pile, thank them (yes, thank them) and stick the Renewal Workshop-eligible items in a box and send them off!

3. Renewal Workshop-eligible items: Any old Toad&Co or Horny Toad (RIP) styles and anything from their 15 other partner brands! Everything else, please donate to your local thrift store. (Fun fact: most thrift stores have relationships with textile recycle centers. So never trash textiles, always recycle).

Sending via USPS mail: 
CircleBack @ The Renewal Workshop
PO Box 416
Cascade Locks, OR

Sending via UPS/FedEx 
CircleBack @ The Renewal Workshop
180 NE Herman Creek Lane Suite 172
Cascade Locks, OR

Would You Wear Renewed Apparel to Save the Planet?


Would You Wear Renewed Apparel to Save the Planet?

Of course you would. You’d do just about anything to divert 12.7 millions of tons of clothing into the landfill each year. And as an apparel company, we’re committed to making the lightest footprint possible. That’s why we’ve partnered with The Renewal Workshop.

The Renewal Workshop transforms slightly damaged, excess and returned apparel into Renewed Apparel. Garments with busted zippers and missing buttons have no place in a landfill. They’re perfectly good clothes, they just need some TLC and a good new home. That’s where you come in. As of October, you’ll be able purchase Renewed Toad&Co from The Renewal Workshop website. In the meantime, help get the ball rolling by donating to their Indiegogo campaign and get a credit toward your first purchase. Do something good. Get something great. Buy Renewable clothing: The easiest and most fashionable way to save the planet.