The Benefits of Dogs in the Office

For the last 10 years, Paige (our head designer) has come to work every day with Norman, a scruffy salt and pepper pup, no bigger than a gallon of milk. He’s present at all design meetings, fit sessions, and final approvals. He’s made his way into photoshoots, been used as design inspiration, and even had his portrait painted at a giant tradeshow.

Norman is just one of many great dogs take up residence at the Toad offices. Over the years we’ve had Lucy the lunch lady, Leo the cuddle bug, Lincoln the scaredy cat, Sunny the tornado, Lana the starlet, Grom the snaggletooth, Bea the sleepy puggle, Truffle the Big Bird, and her little sister, Sophie.  

Creating a dog-friendly work environment is part of our culture. Sure, sometimes they sleep on the job, but our canine colleagues make us better employees and happier people. Here are some of the benefits of having dogs in the office:

  • Creates a positive, flexible, uplifting setting 

  • Promotes a work-life balance (hey there, afternoon walk!) 

  • Less stress = happier employees = more productivity  

  • Dogs can create camaraderie and trigger interactions that may not have happened without them (remember your class hamster in 1st grade? Same thing). 

  • They clean the kitchen floors 

  • They make the workplace fun (and awesome people want to work at fun places!)

  • They make excellent Instagram models 

  • And it’s even good for the pups – they learn to socialize with other humans and animals (and mail carriers)  

So here’s to letting this place to go the dogs. We think we’ll keep it that way. 


The Health Benefits of Dogs

You don’t have to be a scientist to know that dogs and people have a special, symbiotic relationship. They need us for food and belly scratches, we need them (and all pets—we’re equal opportunity) to stoke our deep, ingrained connection to the wild. Plus, they’re damn cute. From office health to emotional health to physical health, our canine companions really are the top dogs.

hammock dog

They get you moving

This might seem obvious, but there’s actually a pretty big difference between dog owners and non-owners when it comes to how active they are. In one large study, researchers from University of East Anglia (UEA) and University of Cambridge found that the people who didn’t own a dog were sedentary for an average of 30 more minutes a day than dog owners—and even during days with bad weather, dog walkers were more active than non-dog walkers were on the nicest days!

They’re great for bad days

Not exclusive to dogs, people who have pets tend to have lower blood pressure, heart rate and heart-disease risk than those who don’t. It might be the aforementioned exercise, but research suggests that when children who struggle with reading can read aloud to a trained dog, they show fewer anxiety symptoms. Every dog is a therapy dog (some just have more training than others).

They’re excellent wingmen

You know how vintage car people will always strike up conversations with each other to talk shop? Same goes with dogs. In the most precious survey of all time, British researchers found that 4 in 5 dog owners speak with other dog owners during walks (shocking), and about 40% of them reported they made meaningful friendships more easily. Coincidence, or corgi?


They’re like having a doctor with you at all times

This is kind of nuts, but when you think of those Law & Order K-9 units, it starts to make sense: dogs are very good at detecting, treating, and managing a variety of health issues. According to one study, some dogs have been trained to sniff out skin, kidney, bladder, and prostate cancer. Of course, service dogs benefit people with everything from brain injury to autism to rheumatoid arthritis, increasing mobility and promoting independence. And in the category of “Best news we’ve heard all week,” Alzheimer’s patients are reportedly so soothed by therapy dogs, their companionship seems to mitigate emotional flare-ups and aggression.

They reduce stress and improve office productivity.

Coworkers come in all shapes and forms. In a study published by by Virginia Commonwealth University that looked at cortisol (stress hormone) levels in saliva, people experience less stress when a dog is around. Less stress = clearer decision making and more productivity. And we can speak from experience—taking a few minutes to play tug-of-war or go on a walk around the block puts any stressful day into perspective.


So give your pup a squeeze today or stop by a local shelter. You know someone there will be very happy to see you.

And because dogs deserve to be nice and comfy too, shop our eco-friendly dog beds.


Now Hiring: New Office Dogs

Position: Office Dog, or SNIF Representative (Super-Nose Inventory Faction)
Reports To: Norman, First in Command
Location: Toad&Co Headquarters, Santa Barbara, CA

As a Toad&Co Office Dog and Representative of SNIF, you are responsible for monitoring all activities at HQ and maintaining good vibes. Office Dogs are the first faces guests see when entering the office, so it is paramount that SNIF Reps look cute and refrain from growling (though sniffing encouraged). Reps must understand the technical aspects of the perfect cuddle, maintain professionalism in the presence of snacks, and thoroughly enjoy belly scratches. This position works closely with fellow SNIF representatives: Norman (Head of Security), Lucy (Lunch Lady), Lincoln (In-house Therapist), and Lana (Grounds Patrol). The right Office Dog is proficient in spotting fallen crumbs and can accurately discern proper bathroom locale. Experience in sitting, shaking, rolling-over and delivering beer is preferred but not necessary. Must be comfortable with fast paced, dog-eat-dog-treat envionment.


  • Greet all guests enthusiastically
  • Accompany employees to kitchen
  • Clean floors after meals
  • Accept UPS packages
  • Occasional modeling
  • On-demand cuddles as requested by Toad employees
  • Travel as needed



  • Excellent communication skills
  • Highly skilled self-starter
  • Potty trained
  • Proficient in sniffing (PC and Mac)
  • Excellent time management and nap scheduling
  • Can handle multiple projects in fast paced lunch environment
  • Works well with others, humans and non
  • Looks adorable while sleeping

Now accepting applications and references