The Only Wishlist We Want

We’re making our wishlists and checking them twice… Here’s what tops the Toads’ lists of holiday hopes and desires. 


“To be able to roll my ‘Rs’! My boyfriend speaks Spanish with his family and I’m always so jealous because I just can’t roll my ‘Rs’!” – Mollie, Customer Service 

Mollie’s winter favorites: The Chelsea Turtleneck Dress and Huxley Jacket


“I want the whole world to be more granola-y… is that a word? I want that to be a word.” – Dr. Drew, Customer Service 

Drew’s winter favorites: Cruiser Cord Shirt and Flannagan Long Sleeve


“No more single-use plastics!” – Natalie, Sustainability & Materials 

Natalie’s winter favorites: Primo Henley Long Sleeve and Bianca Sweater


“Fresh snow until April” – Jo, Supply Chain 

Jo’s winter favorites: Audrey T-Neck Sweater and Flextime Skinny Pant


“Sleep…” – Ian, E-Commerce (and new father) 

Ian’s winter favorites: Mission Ridge Lean Pant and Airsmyth Long Sleeve Shirt


 “A good buzz and tasty waves”  – Neil, Operations 

Neil’s winter favorites: Primo Long Sleeve Henley and Ziggy Hoodie

Happy holidays! If you need any sustainable gift ideas for guys and gals, we’ve got you covered.