Ending Apparel Waste with The Renewal Workshop


Like it or not, we all have to wear clothes. As an apparel company, we’re committed to making clothing as responsibly as possible – from the beginning to end. That’s why we’ve partnered with The Renewal Workshop to keep Toad&Co clothing out of the landfill and in the market as long as possible.

They say, “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure,” and the Renewal Workshop has taken that adage and applied it to business. In warehouses across the country, apparel is piling up because it’s been returned, slightly damaged, or over-produced. Most unused clothing eventually ends up in a landfill, contributing to the 14 million tons of apparel and textiles that get tossed each year. But like we said, The Renewal Workshop is working to turn that trash into treasure.

In a state-of-the-art facility in upstate Oregon, the folks at the Workshop are taking our slightly damaged, excess and returned clothing and turning it into wonderful, fabulous, and renewed clothing. Here’s how it works: We send them Toad&Co clothing that, for whatever reason, we can’t resell. The clothes get sorted into two camps: clothing that can be renewed or clothing that can be upcycled into new fabrics. It’s cleaned in a zero-waste Tersus washing machine that uses CO2 to get deep into the fibers of the garment. There’s no water wasted, all byproducts are captured and reused and it will never, ever shrink your sweaters.

The rips and tears are fixed, buttons are sewn back on and broken zippers are replaced. The renewed clothing is co-branded, packaged with recycled paper, and made ready for resale on the Renewal Workshop website. Good as new, but far better for the planet. Treasure, indeed.

To find renewed Toad&Co clothing, visit RenewalWorkshop.com and search for Toad&Co products by gender. When you buy renewed clothing, you can trust that you’ve done something great for the planet and the apparel industry. Extending the life of a garment means less water, less carbon and less waste in a landfill. Together we can change the apparel industry from a linear one to a circular one. Together, we are a force.

11 thoughts on “Ending Apparel Waste with The Renewal Workshop

  1. Good Work. Outstanding Idea.
    Still contributing to Jobs and products.
    So as not to upset the industry standard.

  2. Great job being if service and part if the solution.
    One slight possible change “one man’s trash…. “adjust to one person … or one woman

    I am a woman and I get tired of reading man
    We are powerful people.


  3. congrats to you renewal workshop and toad and co. for jumping into the no waste world and regenerating quality textiles. keep up the great work.

  4. I have my original 2 pairs just broke down in crotch and would like to donate them for repair and reuse. They are in great condition overall.

  5. Thanks that’s great for the industry & the consumer . Good looking out !!!.

  6. I live overseas but there isn’t that option when filling out the name and address fields after signing up for the newsletter. Might be something to add.

    Hello to Gordon for me : )

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