The Kickstarter


It’s time for your New Years detox! Break out the tonic and antioxidants, and maybe some gin too. Seriously. Gin has some amazing health benefits that you’d be wise to get hip to. The juniper berry, the key ingredient in gin, is nature’s Z-Pak: It’s a natural anti-inflamatory so it combats infection, soothes coughs and acts as a remedy for arthritis. Gin contains lots of bitter herbs (good for your digestive tract) and is considered a diuretic (great for those kidneys). It’s also been said that the antioxidants in the juniper berry aid in regenerating cells in your skin – wrinkles-be-gone! Tonic water is no shmuck either. Originally developed by the British Empire as a vehicle to deliver the anti-malarial drug called quinine, today’s tonic water has far less quinine but certainly does the trick to ease the gin down. But remember, everything in moderation (including moderation…). So raise a glass you your health, and have a prosperous 2017!


The Kickstarter

2 oz. gin
4 oz. tonic water
2 lemon wedges*

*The traditional G&T calls for lime, but lemons are known to help you absorb nutrients quicker and more thoroughly throughout the day. Good on ya, lemons!

Order is important: In a chilled glass, add the gin. Fill the glass with ice – the larger the better. Squeeze in one lemon wedge then add the tonic. Squeeze in the second lemon wedge and give it a quick stir. Cheers!

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  1. A famous Army general from years past once told me about his gin and tonic, that “The quinine Is for my malaria and the gin is for me. Fill’er up!”

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