Best SNL Holiday Skits

Gather round ye merry olde YouTube and get in the holiday spirit with our favorite Saturday Night Live Holiday skits. From a jerk’s holiday wishes to the justification of a bag of broken glass, our favorite skits are a nice mix of good tidings and bad taste.  

Steve Martin’s Holiday Wish, 1986 

Steve Martin. Season 12, 1986. Saturday Night Live, NBC.

The French Chef: A Holiday Meal, 1978

Dan Aykroyd. Season 4, 1978. Saturday Night Live, NBC. 

Weekend Update: Adam Sandler’s Hanukkah Song, 1994

Adam Sandler. Season 20, 1994. Saturday Night Live, NBC. 

Consumer Probe: Irwin Mainway, 1976 

Dan Aykroyd, Candace Bergen. Season 2, 1976. Saturday Night Live, NBC.

Elf Motivation, 2005 

Amy Poehler, Alec Baldwin, Seth Meyers. Season 31, 2005. Saturday Night Live, NBC.

NPR’s Delicious Dish – Shweddy Balls, 1998 

Ana Gasteyer, Molly Shannon, Alec Baldwin. Season 24, 1998. Saturday Night Live, NBC. 

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