Would You Wear Renewed Apparel to Save the Planet?


Would You Wear Renewed Apparel to Save the Planet?

Of course you would. You’d do just about anything to divert 12.7 millions of tons of clothing into the landfill each year. And as an apparel company, we’re committed to making the lightest footprint possible. That’s why we’ve partnered with The Renewal Workshop.

The Renewal Workshop transforms slightly damaged, excess and returned apparel into Renewed Apparel. Garments with busted zippers and missing buttons have no place in a landfill. They’re perfectly good clothes, they just need some TLC and a good new home. That’s where you come in. As of October, you’ll be able purchase Renewed Toad&Co from The Renewal Workshop website. In the meantime, help get the ball rolling by donating to their Indiegogo campaign and get a credit toward your first purchase. Do something good. Get something great. Buy Renewable clothing: The easiest and most fashionable way to save the planet.