3 thoughts on “How to Travel Like a Local

  1. this october we’re off to boston to start an adventure that will take us to quebec city and back…thanks for the tips. will definitely take a backroad or two along the way, and as your article points out, we’ll “have a little faith in flexibility”…my goal is to travel like a local 5,000 miles from home.

  2. This is actually a pretty awesome list! I would like to add, “Go Wander”. Pick a direction and start walking, avoid the big tourist sites and just get lost in back alleys (be safe), little market stores, and make-shift bars. Nearly all of happy experiences in other cities and countries were not at the main sights, but hidden around the corners most people aren’t willing to walk down.

  3. Oooooh I am oh.so. happy to read this article! I’ve been harping on this subject for years to anyone who will listen! When I was traveling in South America , I needed help finding the REAL in the cities I visited, instead of the tourist traps that guide books include. Because the source didn’t exist, I decided to make it myself! Trust the Locals is a just a small bank of city tips from locals, but I’d love to expand it to all of the places people travel. If you ever want to collaborate, shoot me an email:) Cheers!

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