Win The Ultimate South American Adventure


Picture the magnificent glaciers of Chile, the glassy lakes of Torres del Paine National Park, the billowing clouds gathering on the mountain tops. Now picture yourself hiking the trails for 10 days. This is not your average holiday, but what kind of adventure is? Click here to enter to win the ultimate 1o-day trekking adventure through the renowned Patagonia wilderness in Chile!

Your journey begins in bustling Santiago, Chile then catch a flight to South America’s southern tip. You’ll leave the comforts of the modern world behind to hike the famous “W” Route in Torres del Paine National Park. Every morning wake to the dramatic peaks, sparkling lakes and rare wildlife. Hike from one camp to the next and let the magnitude of this unique place wash over you with every new switchback. Eventually, you’ll come across the breathtaking Perito Moreno Glacier – one of the world’s few growing glaciers, then end the trip with a lively night in Buenos Aires. Sounds dreamy, don’t it?

Click here to enter to win a spot on the trip, airfare, sweet travel clothing from Toad&Co and $1,000 spending money. With all that taken care of, you’ll be left to enjoy the awe-inspiring moments and incredible experiences.

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Right: Fly-By-Night Jacket, Outdoor Joy Tank, Viatrix Short . Left: Swifty Cafe Sleeve Tee, Bristlecone Pant


Our Men’s Graphic Tees are made of soft organic cotton and printed with water–based, eco–friendly inks. They also look great on the trail and pair excellently with glaciers.

196 thoughts on “Win The Ultimate South American Adventure

  1. An answer to a prayer? Or a dream come true? Chile! I have always dreamed of it; I have asked the Lord to open my eyes, see new lands, and meet new experiences with glee. This would be wonderful for a Wyoming native such as myself, to be able to see and experience a hiking and camping experience in our Southern Twin – South America…. Chile!

  2. I lost my husband to stage 4 intestinal PMP cancer 17 months ago. He was age 39. We loved hiking and enjoyed the outdoors. His wishes are to be scattered in places we dreamed of going. We always dreamed of going Chile by watching many travel shows when he was sick. This would be a dream come true and give me a a peace of mind that his wishes were fulfilled.

  3. I’d love to travel to Chile! Visiting the Patagonia mountains is an experience that I must undertake!

  4. Trying to avoid the corporate BS and share a love of the outdoors with each individual I see, be passionate and explore the beautiful world!

  5. Would be great to win a trip to Chile. Beautiful country and I could visit former co-workers I met working at The Summit at Snoqualmie, USA

  6. Our 19 daughter did a semester in Chile about 5 years ago and her experience with the culture, people, food and overall peaceful spirit took her from a busy, crazy and rush life • to a peaceful and just brand new person who enjoys all the earth has to offer. I need that in my crazy life, I want to experience this place and come back a more grateful person. Can’t imagine what it would be like ~ please pick me and my wife for this trip!!

  7. So few places that aren’t over-hyped and full of tourists. Love your clothing and th chance to wear them here!

  8. I am a painter and photographer and would LOVE to be able to do this once in a lifetime adventure! !!

  9. Today is my 72nd birthday. What a wonderful surprise present this trip would be! Two years ago at a retreat of fellow therapists and spiritual counselors, I was drawn to choose a picture of Patagonia during an activity we participated in. I did not know at the time that the picture was of Patagonia. I wonder if winning this trip is the answer to an intuitive intention. I trust Spirit will send the most appropriate choice.

  10. This sounds like wide open spaces, lots of aerobic high and beautiful views to clear the mind!

  11. Have hiked in all kinds of National parks in the states and would love to explore Chile and share with the people while working in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

  12. Experiencing Chile is top on the bucket list! I want to see the views, hike the trails, taste the fabulous wine. . .as I age, I realize I must keep adventuring–our whitewater trips and camping weekends have become less frequent and it is too easy to slow down to an idle. Travel charges my energy level and keeps me stimulated–wanting more activity and explorations! Lets try Chile–SOON!

  13. What a beautiful adventure! Chile has been at the top of my list for some time, but I’ve never made it. I would love this!

  14. Went to Santiago, Chile several years ago on business but never was able to explore the country or the entire city. I would love to go to the wine country for wine tour – Chile has the best wine. I would love to see Patagonia.

  15. Thank you for this chance. If I was chosen, I would invite my sister to come with me. She is a closeted outdoorswoman- but I think we could get her to come out for this!

  16. I love to win a trip to explore the beautiful outdoors of Chile!!!That will be the trip of a life time to capture unforgettable memories!!!

  17. I would absolutely love to see Chile so that I have something to compare it to when the Lord Jesus comes back and re commissions his planet. With such beauty already there, it is hard to imagine that it will be one day even more beautiful then it is now.

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