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Maybe it’s the cobblestone streets, maybe it’s staggering scenery, could easily be the local wine… Whatever it is, there’s always a new sway in your step when you experience a place for the first time. We can’t get enough of that first-time-feeling and we’re all about sharing that experience. That’s why we’ve partnered with  LATAM Airlines, Eagle Creek and Turismo Chile to send you and a friend on an all-expenses paid 9-Day trip through the culinary heartland of Chile. Enter here to win Chile a la Carte, sweepstakes runs February 1 – March 4, 2016. Itinerary includes…

  • Two days at an eco-lodge on Chiloé Island to kayak, explore the Dalcahue market and ride horses
  • A private cooking class with Carolina Bazán, master chef at Ambrosia in Santiago
  • Two nights in the Maipo Valley, wine tasting and touring the Santa Rita Winery
  • Two days at UNESCO port town of Valparaíso
  • All this while fully outfitted in Toad&Co clothes and Eagle Creek travel gear
  • And when you get home, you’ll have a case of Santa Rita wine and a lifetime of memories to reminisce over your first trip to Chile!

Sounds pretty fantástico, right? Enter to win between February 1 – March 4, 2016.


432 thoughts on “Win a Trip to Chile

  1. In June of this year we will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. How lovely it would be to toast our relationship with a glass of Santa Rita wine, the top selling South American wine sold in the wine store we once owned.

  2. OMG this trip looks amazing. It has everything to excite all the senses! What an awesome adventure and opportunity to be an ambassador for Toad&Co too!!

  3. I have traveled a bit but only 2
    Countries in SA, Colobia and Peru. Recently I was shown a powerpoint about Chile, I was in awe at the beauty of this country. I want to go. Doug

  4. The link to the Chile page works, but the “Enter to Win” button does not work from my Firefox browser.

  5. I’m a student with limited funds and a girlfriend yearning for excitement. Both with a strong desire to experience Chile and meet family of whom I have never visited, fresh threads Toad!

  6. Just 22 years old college student . Never been out of the U.S. would love to trip any place. Thanks For a chance to win ” Cheers “.

  7. My mother is Chilean. We have lots of family in Chile. When I was a child, I lived in Chile for a short time before returning to the US. I don’t remember it well, and I haven’t been able to see my family in Chile for years. I would love to win a trip to Chile now that I’m all grown up to experience what I couldn’t before, visit my family, and immerse myself in my mothers native culture!

  8. My college graduation gift to my nephew is a trip of his choosing. Whoa, what a tremendous offer this would be. We both love to cook and eat. Plus… I want to show him how handy it is to speak and read Spanish. Makes travel so much more fun!

  9. After listening to Paul Salopek speak at the Arizona Science Center regarding his Out Of Eden Walk, I was captivated by all that Chili represents and has to share and put traveling there on my list of things to do in this life. I so hope my name is chosen for your contest!!

  10. After listening to Paul Salopek speak at the Arizona Science Center on his book Out of Eden and the incredible experiences he described in his lecture on his trek down Chile, I made a trip to see Chili first hand a goal to experience in my life. I hope you pick my name!!

  11. My heart has been in chile since the very first time i visited.the love and kindness and beauty is in paralleled. To visit some of the peopke and places clise to my heart,as well as new discoveries would be a dream come true. Viva chile!

  12. I would love to have an exciting new adventure in an amazing place. Chile is the perfect place!

  13. Would love to see South America and always enjoyed documentaries and programs of Chile. Some prop longed mobility issues and this trip sounds wonderful and doable!! Plus I love to eat and try new foods.

  14. This would be the perfect honeymoon trip. We just eloped and have a 4 year old, so this would an amazing get-a-way for us!

  15. One of my dream itineraries is to travel through Chile, Argentina, Brazil, and Ecuador (including a stop through the Galapagos Islands). I missed out on a university trip in the early 90’s because my children were so young at the time, but now that they’re grown I hope to eventually make this dream come true. I’d love to not only see the scenery and wildlife (parrots are my favorite) but also experience the food and the culture of each country. I love meeting and talking with people because the more you travel the more you understand other cultures in the world. I hope to one day make that trip a reality. The more we learn from each other, the stronger we all become.

  16. My husband and I have always wanted to travel to Chile. This sounds like such an amazing trip. Thanks for the chance. Fingers crossed you pick us.

  17. I keep getting a message saying “There was an error. Please try again.” – so I can’t make this work.

  18. Great opportunity to follow through on “living life to the fullest in the time we have”. Thanks for the opportunity for a great adventure!

  19. This trip would make a great first visit to South America! My photo friends and I are always looking for new locations to visit to photograph, to enjoy local cuisine and wine! Our favorite things to do. Would love to add this to my list of great places and great culture!

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