Trip or Treat?

Detail of decorated gateway. Amber fort. Jaipur, India
Detail of decorated gateway. Amber fort. Jaipur, India

Always wanted to sink your teeth into Transylvania? Or wander the forgotten streets of Havana? Maybe you’ve been itching to explore India’s never-ending bazaars… well now could be the time! We partnered with our friends at World Nomads to send you and a friend on an all-expenses-paid 10-day trip to either Transylvania, Cuba or India. So enter if you dare

If you don’t think you’ve got a ghost of a chance at winning this trip, don’t worry: Every entrant will get a sweet haul of travel treats from partner companies like us, Ex-Officio, Lonely Planet, Bootsn’All and more.

Enter here and see what mysteries unfold…

168 thoughts on “Trip or Treat?

  1. Pick me! Pick me! I am an English and International Studies teacher that loves to travel. I want to bring these experiences back to my classroom. I will wear my Toad travel dress!!!! 🙂

  2. Loved India when I worked as a photographer for the AOS, American Orchid Society and would love to return. When I was their was well off the beaten track. Cuba Maybe?

  3. When you celebrate Halloween, you meet so many people. Maybe it is because everyone is in costume and out of their comfort zone so they are seeking the comfort and pleasure of others. I feel this way when I travel. I get a thrill from experiencing new things, seeing a different culture, city, trying new foods. But what I love most is interacting with others (people I probably would have never met!) in a new, magical place.

  4. My wife’s heart is pulling her to Transylvania and my heart is pulling me to India … so Cuba is the obvious choice?!

  5. Whichever comes the nearest to everything that has been written In books………..I have high expectations…………

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