Now Hiring: New Office Dogs

Position: Office Dog, or SNIF Representative (Super-Nose Inventory Faction)
Reports To: Norman, First in Command
Location: Toad&Co Headquarters, Santa Barbara, CA

As a Toad&Co Office Dog and Representative of SNIF, you are responsible for monitoring all activities at HQ and maintaining good vibes. Office Dogs are the first faces guests see when entering the office, so it is paramount that SNIF Reps look cute and refrain from growling (though sniffing encouraged). Reps must understand the technical aspects of the perfect cuddle, maintain professionalism in the presence of snacks, and thoroughly enjoy belly scratches. This position works closely with fellow SNIF representatives: Norman (Head of Security), Lucy (Lunch Lady), Lincoln (In-house Therapist), and Lana (Grounds Patrol). The right Office Dog is proficient in spotting fallen crumbs and can accurately discern proper bathroom locale. Experience in sitting, shaking, rolling-over and delivering beer is preferred but not necessary. Must be comfortable with fast paced, dog-eat-dog-treat envionment.


  • Greet all guests enthusiastically
  • Accompany employees to kitchen
  • Clean floors after meals
  • Accept UPS packages
  • Occasional modeling
  • On-demand cuddles as requested by Toad employees
  • Travel as needed



  • Excellent communication skills
  • Highly skilled self-starter
  • Potty trained
  • Proficient in sniffing (PC and Mac)
  • Excellent time management and nap scheduling
  • Can handle multiple projects in fast paced lunch environment
  • Works well with others, humans and non
  • Looks adorable while sleeping

Now accepting applications and references

23 thoughts on “Now Hiring: New Office Dogs

  1. If only we live in the area but we love the mountains so much! So many places to roam, explore and camp while our Mommy and Daddy do their job to keep us busy!

  2. One year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi seeking employment. Likes: food, visits to his human’s office, cuddles, meeting new people, dog parks and snow.

    dislikes: humidity and sneak attacks by the neighbor’s cat

  3. As a puppy, I was a stray and my mommy took me in. I crate-trained and house-trained myself – I’m a self-starter like that.
    Being multi-lingual – English, Czech, German, and Canine – I have excellent communication skills. I like treats (I will patiently wait), napping (and I look “totes adorbs” while doing so and I snore very softly), long Jeep rides, and running in circles in a backyard. I can stay on task – HEY, LOOK A SQUIRRE… What was I saying? Oh, I’m willing to travel, particularly in Jeeps.
    I’m an excellent cleaner-upper of floors. Is “UPS” the guys in the brown duds? Those guys are cool.
    Time management is key – I can accommodate your needs by scheduling my naps around any activity.
    I am located in Tulsa, currently, but am willing to telecommute and Skype as necessary.
    References available upon request. Thank you for your consideration.

  4. I am submitting to you under separate email, 2 dogs that would like
    apply for the job. You could have one or both. Work for dog treats.
    Thanks, JTR

  5. TOO CUTE! you guys sound like you have waayyyy fun working!
    keep up your good work/FUN!

  6. Dear interweb peoples,

    I do not have previous experience at dog, however, I have successfully cat for 4 years and just MEOW I could do the job!

    In addition to excellent skills at greeting, eating and cute-sleeping, I am proficient at self-bathing, alarm clocking and sun stretching.

    Please make all enquiries with the human who does my bidding.


    Nat The Cat

  7. I am computer literate, and can work from home! I am a rescue dog with dreads and with an attitude. I am also an artist. I think your crew needs an artist from Montana who specializes in dog drawings. PLEASE choose me. I will draw all of the canine employees. Love, Birke-Beiner Peterson

  8. Love me, Love my dog–we could both be so happy in such an environment! Good with people, love the outdoors, runs in wool!

  9. This is fantastic! If I didn’t live in Sacramento, my little wirehaired doxie would apply for the job — haha! 🙂 He would meet the apparent fashion guidelines as he has a wire-y bouffant hairdo and also has a selection of puppia harnesses he models regularly. He does bark back a lot, but with the right amount of ball throwing and treats he eventually quiets down.

    Too cute!!

  10. tHIs is Lu-doG, I would MaKE A Great addITIOn to your SNIF teaM and My person PamELA would LUv to Join ME! (BUTT ShE dent KnOW I am tYPinG this… Her BackgrounD is Apparel Design. She and I both Luv the ouTDoors and everythinG About it!

    CheCK Out HeR Website and LEARn More about Our AdventuRES.

    ThnX Lu-doG

  11. Put those mutts to more meaningful employment. Get them designing and creating canine dresses, harnesses, vests and toys. No one should look that lazy.

  12. My name is Rastapurrian, I am a very affectionate black cat, I love people, dogs and other cats. I am litter box trained, however since I’m a cat the sit, stay and roll over is beneath me. I do crumb patrol, sitting in laps or on whatever you are trying to work on. You need to hire me because truly intelligent people prefer the cleanliness of a cat over dog breath. All I require is a small amount of cat food and a lap!

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