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Picture this: You and a friend hiking through the Andes, kicking back in glacial lakes, dancing the night away in Buenos Aires… Well that could become a reality because we’re kicking off our new Modern Travel Collection by sending two people to Chile & Argentina for 13-days of awesome. Oh, and we’ll toss in a new Toad&Co Modern Travel wardrobe for the trip too – because let’s face it, the days of the safari costume are over! Enter our Modern Travel Trip Sweepstakes NOW and you could be wandering the streets of Santiago in no time.

So why Chile & Argentina? Misty mountain ranges, crashing seasides, romantic rolling hills, unruly wildlife, pulsing cantinas… The Argentinians call it buena onda, or “good vibes”. We call it adventure.


Pisco Sours: While the Peruvians will claim this cocktail as their own, Chileans are known for knocking back their signature spirit: the Pisco Sour. A mix of Pisco (a brandy distilled from grapes in the winemaking region of Chile) and fresh lime juice with a dash of simple syrup and an egg white for fizz, the Pisco Sour will put some hair on your chest. Santiago, the buzzing capital of Chile, slings a mean Picso since pride is on the line. Wander from barrio to barrio and try the variations on the classic cocktail.

Villarrica Volcano: Adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers will delight in Chile’s adventure capital, Pucon, in central Chile. World class mountain biking, whitewater rafting, hiking, climbing, horse riding – whatever gets your blood pumping – it’s all in Pucon and it all comes with a killer view of smouldering Volcán Villarrica. Known locally as Rucapillán, it’s nickname is a Mapuche word meaning “House of the Pilán” or “House of the Spirit,” and it certainly lives up to it’s name. Villarrica is one of Chile’s most active volcanoes and the top is permanently covered by snow and giant glaciers. Pack a few layers and get spirited away.

Lanin National Park: After a few days traipsing the volcano, journey over the mighty Andes into Argentina. Drop by the country’s picturesque Lake District for some much needed R n’ R and a dip in one of its 24 glacial lakes. Flowing from lake to lake are hundreds of rivers and creeks bursting with salmon and trout. Hike amongst the grand Argentinian forests to the Mapuche reserves – home to the indigenous people who are known for their hospitality and stunning craftsmanship. And in case you’re missing the rumble of a volcano, Lanin Volcano is always there when you when you need it – all 3,776 meters of it.

Bariloche chocolates: Belgium, Switzerland, and Bariloche: The chocolate trifecta. Home to some of the world’s best chocolatiers, Bariloche is a sleepy mountain town with quaint, chalet-style wooden architecture and a serious sweet tooth. Back in the1800’s, German and Austrian immigrants came to Argentina looking for new opportunity and brought their time-honored recipes. Pop into the chocolate shops on Mitre Street, Bariloche’s main thoroughfare, for some of the most delicious chocolate you will ever try.

Empanadas: Is there anything better than buttery, flakey pastry stuffed with goodies and eaten on the fly? Baked, fried, stuffed with meats and cheese, veggies or fruits, drizzled with honey or dipped in salsa – you really can’t go wrong with an Argentinian empanada. And though each region has it’s own take on the snack, Buenos Aires is the unquestionable heartland of empanadas strictly based on the sheer number of empanada shops in the city. Sample versions from the Tucuman Province (big and fried in oil), Salta Province (small and baked in clay ovens), Patagonia (seafood and lamb fillings), or the spicy empanadas of the Jujuy region. Whatever your preference, good luck stopping once you’ve started!


Boarding Pass ShortPacked for any adventure, these shorts are up for anything: exploring the barrios, cruising the playas and scrambling around in the Andes. They’re styled like classic walking shorts but our performance Travel Twill fabric stretches, keeps you cool, blocks the sun (excellent UPF 40+), dries fast, and repels dirt and salsa stains.

Swifty TankIn a word, the Swifty is smokin’. It wicks moisture and fends off UV rays with a dynamite fabric blend that feels soft as cotton (but it’s actually a rockin’ blend of polyester and green-tech Tencel®). Tiny stripes and curving seams boost the sizzle factor. And Swifty’s hidden zip pocket and generous shoulder coverage means you won’t lose your room key or show your bra straps when you’re hiking up a volcano.

Whirlwind DressAfter two days in Buenos Aires, your hips break loose and you start to walk like the locals do. Blame it on the music, the sunshine and this dress. Super-simple and free flowing, the Whirlwind Dress is made of two layers of cool, quick-dry fabric that handles heat, travel and water with ease. With an excellent 40+ UPF rating to block the burn and a super-secret stash pocket in between layers, the Whirlwind will have you walking to a new beat from sun up to sun down.

OnRush PoloGood looking, refined and ready for action. No, we’re not talking about the Argentine gauchos – we’re describing the Onrush polo. Our Onrush is designed for those who are ready to wrangle the day. Perfect for travel, a day on the trails, city cruising or a sea salt happy hour, the polyester drirelease® and organic cotton knit wicks moisture and keeps you dry and looking muy bien all day long.


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36 thoughts on “Modern Travel: Chile & Argentina – WIN THIS TRIP!

  1. If we won, we’d take our family on an international trip. It would be the experience of a life time.

  2. The pics are gorgeous with the bright colors of Chile. I want to hike the region and saveur the landscape with friends. I’ve learned that Chilean wine is a great buy; the land is conducive for growing and harvesting grapes.

  3. Home sweet home. I was born in Chile and it would be a dream to go back with my daughter and husband. Empanadas, Villarica, Pucon…it all brings back many great childhood memories. Chile and Argentina are two of my favorite countries in the world!

  4. Would be so wonderful to visit such beautiful and exciting places! I’ve never traveled outside of the U.S. and would love to go there.

  5. I love traveling, exploring, learning about new cultures, and meeting new people. Chile looks like the perfect place to do these things; it has so much to offer. I would love to win this trip.

  6. What a trip to take the family on. Have friends from there but have never been able to afford going. Amazingly beautiful place. The stories I heard from friends it ended up on my bucket list.

  7. This Cuban-American woman is really a gaucho, I know there would be horses to ride, wine to drink art and beauty to last all day and tangos that would melt chocolate. We would be sunrise to sunset and long into the night ambassadors of America,, world citizenship is where its at!

  8. I’d eat all the cool food I could. My Dad is in the hospital and I am so stressed right now I need a vacation.

  9. This would be an awesome trip, definitely the trip of a lifetime. I’ve never been outside of the United States. When it comes to traveling I love to learn about culture, foods and history. Chile and Argentina are fine examples of countries that are rich in all three. I’m all about helping people and seeing what I can do to improve their communities. This would be a great opportunity to get out of my city life and job and encounter a life of vast mountains and lands. And maybe do a bit of Yoga while taking it all in. *Fingers Crossed*

  10. One of the last great wildernesses of the world beckons. Applies to a new quote I learned today: life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

  11. The opportunity to return return to Chile and Argentina would make me a very happy man.

  12. We want to experience the people, the architecture, the vitality of Argentina and Chile. The food, wine and festivals is drawing us in too. What a great opportunity.

  13. After romping around SE Asia and researching coral reef ecosystems last year with my partner Will, we’ve been scheming about how to make it to South America ever since! Up for anything and lovers of the backcountry sunrises and new faces, we’d love to solidify our Spanish skills and experience some real pura vida!! Gracias Toad and Co!

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